Bottango Servo Shield

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This Arduino Shield compatible board will simplify powering your servos. It's the kind of product I was shocked didn't easily exist already, so I made it myself! One of the earliest hurdles to building your own servo driven robots is easily powering those servos. This shield makes it easy!


  • Fits the common Arduino shield form factor, so you can plug it right in to an Arduino Uno or Mega microcontroller.
  • 12 servo header pins, connected directly to digital pins 2 - 11 for routing servo signal.
  • DC Barrel Jack input for easy power into your servos.
  • Rated for 5v - 8.4v power input. (See power supply requirements note below. Most servos want 5v)
  • Rated for current up to 7 amps.
  • Three high quality polymer decoupling capacitors to help even out power spikes.
  • Reset Button.
  • Header pins for a reference ground, in case you want to use the shield not plugged into an Arduino.
  • Status LEDs for power and logic connections.

PCB color and exact on board components may vary between revisions.

Note that with an Arduino Uno, Bottango is limited to 8 servos max per Arduino Uno. See the Bottango Discord for more details on hardware that can go above 8 servos.

Power Supply Requirements

You'll need to bring your own power supply:

5v - 8.4v voltage range. Up to 7 amps. Whatever voltage you put in the servo shield will be passed right on to your servos. Most servos require 5v. Higher voltage than 5v may damage servos.

Compatible connectors are those with the very common 5.5 mm outer sleeve diameter with 2.1 mm inner sleeve diameter.

Make sure your power supply has a positive inner pin or you'll damage your servos.

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Heads Up

If you're buying a Maxwell animatronic kit, you don't need to buy a Servo Shield, he already comes with one!