Powerful Animatronic Animation Software

Design the movements you want, compatible with the hardware you already have.

Bottango brings the best of the battle-tested, 3D animation workflow to your project.

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Easy DIY Animatronics

You can control any robot with Bottango. But if you've always wanted to explore the art of animatronics, and need help getting started, Bottango's kits give you everything you need.

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Bottango Open Beta: Latest Version 0.6.5d (4/22/24)

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Control Visually

• Intuitive, 3D control and simulation of robots, animatronics, and all kinds of hardware.

• Import 3d models of your Robot, or build directly in Bottango

Make Motions

• Create and edit keyframes and interpolation curves in a fully featured, industry-standard animation toolset.

• Synchronize motion easily with audio, video, and even external timecode sources.

Realtime Hardware Control

• Control your hardware in real time or export animations into stand-alone Arduino compatible code.

• Open-source, Arduino-compatible driver code gives you access to 100% of all functionality without writing a single line of code.

Supported Hardware

What do you want to build?

These are just a few of the awesome builds made by amazing Bottango users. Your project could be the next show stopper powered by Bottango.