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Hardware Control for Humans.

Bring your robots, animatronics, and all kinds of hardware to life with a visual platform built for people, not the machines they control.

Control Visually

Intuitive, 3D control and simulation of robots, animatronics, and all kinds of hardware.

Move and pose virtual joints and hardware effectors using traditional 3D tools.

Import .OBJ or .FBX 3D files or model your hardware directly in Bottango.

Make Motions

Bottango brings the best of the battle-tested, 3D animation workflow to hardware control.

Create and edit keyframes and interpolation curves in a fully featured, industry-standard animation toolset.

Synchronize motion easily with audio.

Flexible and Powerful Real-Time Hardware Control

Control your hardware in real-time using the open-source Bottango protocol.

The provided open-source, Arduino-compatible code gives you access to 100% of all functionality without writing a single line of code.

Ability to turn animations into stand-alone Arduino compatible code.

Bottango on a Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer.

Arduino-compatible microcontroller

Your hardware

Servo motors

Stepper motors

Custom motors

Custom events

Arduino-compatible microcontrollers

More hardware support on the way

DYNAMIXEL actuators

Growing List of Supported Hardware:
An active community of Bottango users and developers are building the future of hardware control in the official Discord channel.
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Download Bottango

Latest version: 0.6.2b (4/30/23). (See Version history)

Bottango is in OPEN BETA
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