Animatronic Kit: Maxwell

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Maxwell is an entire animatronic... you can build!

Maxwell has everything you need to build and start animating your own animatronic parrot. Besides all the parts to build your own animatronic, Maxwell is bundled with Bottango, an intuitive and powerful animatronic animation tool.

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Fun to Build

Maxwell comes with an interactive 3D assembly program to teach you step by step how to put him together.

Easy to Animate

Maxwell is fully integrated with Bottango's powerful animation software. Animate Maxwell in a state-of-the-art animatronic animation studio, designed to be as user friendly as possible.

Creativity Unlocked

Maxwell makes it easier than ever to express yourself through the art of animatronics.

Everything you need

to build and control your own animatronic.

Everyone Loves Maxwell!

Editor's Choice: Bay Area Maker Faire 2023

Bottango and Maxwell were chosen as the Editor's Choice for the 2023 Bay Area Maker Faire!

Jason M.

Real Customer Testimonial:

Everything about this kit exceeded my high expectations and I highly recommend it. It's obvious an enormous amount of thought and effort went into this.

Kyle H.

Real Customer Testimonial:

Maxwell is awesome! Building him was a breeze. My daughter didn’t really even need me there; I just watched in jealousy 😎. She enjoyed it so much, we purchased another!

Larry G.

Real Customer Testimonial:

Simple to follow instructions with high quality assembly pieces.

Jonathan W.

Real Customer Testimonial:

I am so impressed!